Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mission Impossible??? Impossibru???

Most people (not all, k!) said that it's really hard to lose weight. Well I admit it I'm one of those people. It's true because if losing weight is as easy as gaining weight, then there will be no fat people in this world. BUT, how come there a lots of people who once morbidly obese can become slim and fabulous? Do those people have some kind of superpower or magic that can change them? No? If your answer is no then you're wrong. They DO have superpower and magic. These powers and magic come from their MIND.

One thing about our mind is that if we say we CAN do it, then we will be able to do it no matter how hard it is. But, once we said we CAN'T, then it will always be difficult. The key to success is you have to believe in what you are doing. Take an example from the contestants of The Biggest Loser (have you ever watch this reality show? If not you must be thin *sarcasm*). Most of them weighted almost 400 pounds (200+kg). But at the end of the competition, those who have strong mind and determination, they were able to lose about half of their weight.

I was once have a weak mind. I've always given up on what I did once I didn't managed to achieve it. Instead of working harder, I just go back to my old self and my old habits. I was so sick of myself whenever I tried to lose weight, my weight did not instantly drop like other people. Sometimes I gained more than I should. That's SUCK! (Yeah, I know). But there was one day when I realized that if I keep on eating and not changing myself, I'll die in regret (and with a fat body too). So I changed the way I think.

How do I change my mind? Well, I just look at myself from different perspective (point of view). I imagined myself as a really fat lady, walking down the street where all eyes are staring at my fat figure. I also imagined how humiliation feels like. Lastly I imagined myself dying because of diabetic, heart attack, stroke etc. Those harsh imagination can become reality if I don't change myself. That was when I set myself some targets and packed my mind with the determination that I need in order to lose weight.

Now, after just two months, I've lost 8kg. This awesome feeling (seriously last time I felt awesome when I got an offer to study abroad) what helps me to keep on going. further. So, what about you? Do you still think it is impossible to lose your weight?

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