Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grilled Chicken

This is a very simple recipe that does not require much of your time and energy. However, the result is super delicious and it's also good for your health too. Hehehe...

3 pieces of chicken (I prefer the meat one...)
Some salt
Some black pepper
Some cayenne pepper
2 tablespoon of soy sauce
1 tablespoon of olive oil (optional)

How to cook:
1. First you mix all the ingredients (except the olive oil). Make sure you spread all the ingredients to the chicken thoroughly.
2. Leave it at least for 10 minutes. This will make the chicken to be able to absorb the ingredients and make it delicious.
3. Use a non-stick griller (if you don't have the BBQ grill set).
4. Grill the chicken until tender. Sprinkle some olive oil to make it delicious.

You can eat this delicious and healthy meal with some salad or veggie soup. It's really yummy. Have a nice day!

p/s - you can also change the chicken with fish or lean meat if you like.


This poster is dedicated especially for those who WANT to CHANGE their lives. Although it's hard at first, after a few days it'll be better. Just believe in yourself.

The poster was taken from 9gag (the best website ever).

Ramadhan, the Fasting month (also the diet month)

Salam. Starting from 21st July until 20th or 21st August (not sure which one), all Muslims in the whole world will be fasting. It's a part of Islam five pillars (Rukun Islam). Other than fasting and 'beribadah', I take this opportunity to lose more weight. Hehehe...

How can I lose weight easily in this fasting month? Of cuz with the help of my amazing SHAKE.

First of all, during the 'berbuka' time, instead of stuffing my empty stomach with those delicious yet extremely fattening food, I just need to drink aloe and Tea Mix. Trust me, I've tried it already. While I was drinking my 400ml of Tea Mix, my stomach started to feel full already. Of cuz I felt full bcuz water helps my stomach to 'feel' full and fool my brain. So I didn't over indulge myself. Then I take my yummy shake. Well, be creative when you make your shake. Instead of just adding 2 scoops of F1 and a scoop of F3, you can blend your shake with fresh fruits like strawberries, apples or grapes (depending on your preferences). 

After you had your shake, then you pray (Maghrib n Isyak). Later about at 9 pm you can eat your fabulous food. Reminder, these fabulous food are not nasi beriyani or nasi ayam with lauk-pauk yang berminyak tu. These fabulous food are like grilled chicken (marinated with soy sauce, cayenne and black pepper), grilled fish, steamed veggies, salad etc.  

But I want to eat rice... I can't live without rice (typical Malaysians)

Of course you can eat rice. Who said you can't eat rice. I'll definitely go insane if I can't have my rice. But make sure you eat it in the moderate portion. It's good if your can use or follow the Mickey Mouse eating plan. Other than that, you can change from white to brown rice. Brown rice is healthier than white rice. Plus, it can make you full very fast compared to white rice. Well, if you REALLY wanna lose your weight faster, it is advisable for you to stop eating rice for a while. Maybe you can eat rice once a week. 

So I hope you can try the programme. I'll keep on updating my weight loss progress. It's never too late to change yourself. Lose weight now, ask me how, NOW!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Target is...

When you want to lose weight (or do anything for example), you need to have some targets. Target is important for you to track down your work progress.

How to set your target?

1. Make sure that your target is achievable - Don't set a target that is impossible for your to do because you will most likely to give up once you were not be able to achieve your target (I've been there!)

2. Be Realistic - Oh c'mon girls, don't just simply target something that is beyond your abilities. It's important to raise your target high but make sure it is also possible to do.

3. Write down your target - As a normal human being, people can easily forget what they say. So, it is better if you write down your achievable and realistic targets in your diary or planner. To make it more effective (for your target to sink in your mind), you can write down on a piece of paper and paste it on a place that you can see easily like your mirror or bathroom.

4. Be Specific - Make sure you have a time limit in your target. By limiting your time frame, this will help your to work harder in order for you to achieve your target. You will not take your target lightly when you set it without a time frame.

5. Tell your Family/Friends (anyone who closes to you) about your target - When you tell your close ones, they will help you (make sure they are willing to) to keep on track with your progression. Maybe they can help to remind you that you need to do something etc. 

What a GREAT feeling...

Just now I tried my old clothes (that once I can wear 'em). O my Gosh!!! I can wear most of 'em now. Although some of 'em are quite fit, I'm still glad that I CAN now wear 'em. Just need to shed a couple kilos in order to wear 'em and look fabulous. BTW, I'm now 2kg away from my old weight (my weight before I went abroad). 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mission Impossible??? Impossibru???

Most people (not all, k!) said that it's really hard to lose weight. Well I admit it I'm one of those people. It's true because if losing weight is as easy as gaining weight, then there will be no fat people in this world. BUT, how come there a lots of people who once morbidly obese can become slim and fabulous? Do those people have some kind of superpower or magic that can change them? No? If your answer is no then you're wrong. They DO have superpower and magic. These powers and magic come from their MIND.

One thing about our mind is that if we say we CAN do it, then we will be able to do it no matter how hard it is. But, once we said we CAN'T, then it will always be difficult. The key to success is you have to believe in what you are doing. Take an example from the contestants of The Biggest Loser (have you ever watch this reality show? If not you must be thin *sarcasm*). Most of them weighted almost 400 pounds (200+kg). But at the end of the competition, those who have strong mind and determination, they were able to lose about half of their weight.

I was once have a weak mind. I've always given up on what I did once I didn't managed to achieve it. Instead of working harder, I just go back to my old self and my old habits. I was so sick of myself whenever I tried to lose weight, my weight did not instantly drop like other people. Sometimes I gained more than I should. That's SUCK! (Yeah, I know). But there was one day when I realized that if I keep on eating and not changing myself, I'll die in regret (and with a fat body too). So I changed the way I think.

How do I change my mind? Well, I just look at myself from different perspective (point of view). I imagined myself as a really fat lady, walking down the street where all eyes are staring at my fat figure. I also imagined how humiliation feels like. Lastly I imagined myself dying because of diabetic, heart attack, stroke etc. Those harsh imagination can become reality if I don't change myself. That was when I set myself some targets and packed my mind with the determination that I need in order to lose weight.

Now, after just two months, I've lost 8kg. This awesome feeling (seriously last time I felt awesome when I got an offer to study abroad) what helps me to keep on going. further. So, what about you? Do you still think it is impossible to lose your weight?

After a VERRRRYYYYY long time...

It has been a long time since my last post. Well I was damn busy working. HEHEHE... Anyway, I have an EXCITING news... Well it is exciting for me... I've lost 8kg so far. I'm so excited. Although it's only 8kg but still I've lost my weight. Heheheee...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The New Beginning

Hola n Anyo (Hello in Korean)

Actually I've decided to create this blog ever since I've decided to lose my weight. I've been FAT since 2006. It's almost 6 years and I'm sick of it. Well, of course I'm sick of it because I can't buy beautiful clothes that I like without looking shabby when wearing 'em. I can't help to feel insecure everytime I go out. The worst thing is when I go out with my friends who are thinner than me. Damn! It wasn't a good feeling. So, this year I want to change myself. NO more FAT me. NO more XXXL clothes in my closet. This is my promise.