Friday, May 11, 2012

My Target is...

When you want to lose weight (or do anything for example), you need to have some targets. Target is important for you to track down your work progress.

How to set your target?

1. Make sure that your target is achievable - Don't set a target that is impossible for your to do because you will most likely to give up once you were not be able to achieve your target (I've been there!)

2. Be Realistic - Oh c'mon girls, don't just simply target something that is beyond your abilities. It's important to raise your target high but make sure it is also possible to do.

3. Write down your target - As a normal human being, people can easily forget what they say. So, it is better if you write down your achievable and realistic targets in your diary or planner. To make it more effective (for your target to sink in your mind), you can write down on a piece of paper and paste it on a place that you can see easily like your mirror or bathroom.

4. Be Specific - Make sure you have a time limit in your target. By limiting your time frame, this will help your to work harder in order for you to achieve your target. You will not take your target lightly when you set it without a time frame.

5. Tell your Family/Friends (anyone who closes to you) about your target - When you tell your close ones, they will help you (make sure they are willing to) to keep on track with your progression. Maybe they can help to remind you that you need to do something etc. 

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