Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ramadhan, the Fasting month (also the diet month)

Salam. Starting from 21st July until 20th or 21st August (not sure which one), all Muslims in the whole world will be fasting. It's a part of Islam five pillars (Rukun Islam). Other than fasting and 'beribadah', I take this opportunity to lose more weight. Hehehe...

How can I lose weight easily in this fasting month? Of cuz with the help of my amazing SHAKE.

First of all, during the 'berbuka' time, instead of stuffing my empty stomach with those delicious yet extremely fattening food, I just need to drink aloe and Tea Mix. Trust me, I've tried it already. While I was drinking my 400ml of Tea Mix, my stomach started to feel full already. Of cuz I felt full bcuz water helps my stomach to 'feel' full and fool my brain. So I didn't over indulge myself. Then I take my yummy shake. Well, be creative when you make your shake. Instead of just adding 2 scoops of F1 and a scoop of F3, you can blend your shake with fresh fruits like strawberries, apples or grapes (depending on your preferences). 

After you had your shake, then you pray (Maghrib n Isyak). Later about at 9 pm you can eat your fabulous food. Reminder, these fabulous food are not nasi beriyani or nasi ayam with lauk-pauk yang berminyak tu. These fabulous food are like grilled chicken (marinated with soy sauce, cayenne and black pepper), grilled fish, steamed veggies, salad etc.  

But I want to eat rice... I can't live without rice (typical Malaysians)

Of course you can eat rice. Who said you can't eat rice. I'll definitely go insane if I can't have my rice. But make sure you eat it in the moderate portion. It's good if your can use or follow the Mickey Mouse eating plan. Other than that, you can change from white to brown rice. Brown rice is healthier than white rice. Plus, it can make you full very fast compared to white rice. Well, if you REALLY wanna lose your weight faster, it is advisable for you to stop eating rice for a while. Maybe you can eat rice once a week. 

So I hope you can try the programme. I'll keep on updating my weight loss progress. It's never too late to change yourself. Lose weight now, ask me how, NOW!!!

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